How do I play?

The full game* is available for Android on Google Play Store.  Or you may download the game for Windows, MacOS and Linux below.   If you do download the game, please support future game development by paying a small amount of money for it.  Creating games takes a lot of time.  Just imagine you're feeding coins into a slot machine.

Alternatively, play a "lite" version in your browser by clicking above.  The "lite" version is a cut-down version that does not feature all of the rooms but should play on most browsers including on mobile devices and tablets.


Move around a labyrinth fixing pipes as you go before the pressure builds up too much and the valves burst.

Get the water safely to the end of the level to complete the episode.

Episode 1: London

The irrigation system in the sky garden at the top of the building is faulty and the plants are in urgent need of your water.

Can you safely navigate each of the rooms before the time runs out?


Experiment.  If you have a mouse, click around.  If not, use your touchscreen.  Try to figure out what to do.  After all, it's a puzzle.

More episodes?

Game development has always been a hobby for me, ever since I first got my hands on a BBC Micro in the 1980s.  Starting in Covid lockdown, I developed Pipe Run! over countless nights through half of 2020 and early 2021.  It must have taken 16-20 weeks totalling 200-300 hours of time.

* Currently only Episode 1 exists.  I have lots of ideas for new episodes and more fiendish puzzles which I hope to bring to you in the future, so let me know if you're enjoying the game and would like to see new episodes!  In the meantime, I hope you enjoy playing episode 1 and I hope you think the game is worth a few bob.

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Security warnings

If you get security warnings trying to install the game, this is because I haven't digitally signed it.  Digital certificates cost hundreds of pounds a year and most people like to play games without paying for them, so as you can imagine, the finances don't add up.  You will need to click through the warnings and install "at your own risk".  If you would like a version that doesn't give you a security warning, you can install it on your Android device from the Google Play Store.

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