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Pipe Run!

Fix the pipes in this watery labyrinth before the valves burst! · By BannisterMadhouse


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Pipe Run! free on Android for 8 days only
We're running a sale on Google Play Store, you will be able to download Pipe Run! for Android free of charge from 14th March for 8 days only! Download the game...
Pipe Run! version 1.3.2 released
I've released a new minor update to Pipe Run! today so that the inventory bar starts open for 5 seconds before auto-hiding. This is to prompt new players that t...
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Pipe Run! version 1.3.1 released
In version 1.3.1, I've added a gameplay tip in the ticker text underneath the high score table...
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Pipe Run! Lite version 1.3.1 is now on
A "lite" version of Pipe Run! that will play in the browser is now also available to play. For those who are unable to download the full version, this is close...
Bannister Madhouse is tweeting!
Bannister Madhouse can now be found on Twitter @BannisterMadho1 , please follow updates there!...
Watch Pipe Run! on YouTube
I've created a 3 minute gameplay video on YouTube which you can enjoy here !...
Pipe Run! is now on Google Play Store
Pipe Run! is now also available on Google Play Store. You can download it from:
Pipe Run! version 1.3 released
Version 1.3 introduces a minor change to the high score table. It will now slide upwards when you start typing your name, if you're lucky enough to get on it...
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The game only has one level at the moment, called "Episode 1: London". This episode has many rooms, each of which has a...
started by BannisterMadhouse Feb 15, 2021
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